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They allow you to walk, jog, and exercise in water all in your own backyard for the fraction of the cost of a pool.

- Low Impact Exercise

Swim spas provide low-impact, high resistance exercises that are ideal for achieving general fitness while avoiding injury.

- Swim Year-Round

Your swim spa will remain at a consistent temperature year-round and will always be ready, no matter how cold it might be outdoors. 

- Learn to Swim

Teaching your child to swim and encouraging him/her to swim regularly can have significant benefits for both health and safety.

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Easy Maintenance

Compared to a traditional swimming pool, the maintenance for our swim spa & hot tubs is much easier! Innovations in water purification systems have reduced chemicals & made maintenance so much easier!.

Luxury & Fitness In One

Swim Spas deliver an amazing spa experience. They improve circulation, relieve pressure on joints, soothe aching muscles, and help relieve stress, Swim Spas are a great way to get the best of health, fitness, and relaxation all in one. 

High Calorie Burn ~ Low Risk

Swim Spa are one of the best ways to shed calories and exercise with VERY low risk of injury! With 100's of exercises that you can do in a swim spa, you can burn calories endlessly!

Encourage Exercise

With a Swim Spa in your backyard, it is easy to get the whole family exercising. The swim system can be adjusted to ALL levels of swimmers from beginner to advance swimmers. 


Swim Spas as low as $199/mo O.A.C.

Swimlife Swim Spas Are Built With You In Mind

Our innovative approach to finding better ways to design the definitive swim spa has led to our use of special closed-cell insulation, which repels moisture as it retains its insulating values and helps deliver one of the lowest average operating costs available.

About Backyards In Style

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Backyards in Style offers high-quality swim spas, hot tubs, and BBQ grills for our customers in Southern California. Our focus is on unbeatable prices and service. We will work on an issue until you’re satisfied with the outcome. Our dedication to our customers is what makes us the premier hot tub, swim spa, & BBQ provider.

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​Hi, My name is Tim and I have been in the Hot Tub industry since 1984, having sold over 10 different brands of hot tubs, I can tell you Sundance Spas & Swimlife Swim Spas builds the best hot tub in the world. They are easy to maintain, deliver a world-class product, and will provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment. Stop by my showroom and see for yourself.

Backyards In Style

1241 N Lakeview Ave #A

Anaheim, CA 92870


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